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Funding Round Details

StartsEndsMin CapMax CapRatioMax DepositWhitelist and KYC required
End Q1 2018

Beginning Q2 2018

2,000,000 USD
(In ETH equivalent)
15,000,000 USD
(In ETH equivalent)

1800 FND/ETH

Still to be determined


*  In a previous funding round we have collected 700,000 USD reducing the minimum cap during the tokens sale to 1,300,000 USD.

Token Distribution

  • 40% of the distributed tokens are availble for the token sale

  • 40% of the distributed tokens will be used to incentivize our ecosystem. 25% of these tokens will locked in a cold storage.

  • 18% of the distributed tokens are assigned to the founders.
    100% of these tokens are vested over 2 years with 6 months cliff. This means we will mature 25% of our tokens each 6 months

  • 2% of the distributed tokens are assigned to the advisors.
    100% of these tokens are vested over 6 months vesting with 3 months cliff. This means they will mature 50% of their tokens at the end of month #3, and the rest on month 6.

Projected use of contributions

The majority of the contributions will be used for the development of the FundRequest platform and supporting activities. The necessary funds will be allocated to marketing to make sure our target audience will be attracted to use the FundRequest platform.

When the contributions exceed the soft cap the additional funds will be used to develop extra features and integrations requested by the community. The community can submit proposals and by carbon vote the FND token holders can decide on the features to be funded by FundRequest. The FundRequest team will do the necessary to set up the project, create the issues and fund those issues using the FundRequest platform.

How funds are stored

The funds received in the funding rounds will be transferred by the contracts to an Ethereum Mist multisig wallet where it will only be accessible by four of FundRequest core team members and after approval by at least another member. The multisig wallet will have a daily limit of 25 Ether. 

All funds collected by FundRequest will be transferred into our corporation. We communicate open and transparent on the use and allocation of our funding.

More information on the token generation event

As more information on the token generation event becomes available we will provide updates on our website, and via our twitter account @fundrequest_io.

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